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Keeping real objects indefinitely is impractical: you have more stuff to dust off, less space in your room, plus, this kind of habit does not help you at all in getting laid.

Fortunately, contemporary cyber technologies make it easy to store humongous amounts of data, and because the Internet Archive is still not big enough, I decided to upload some gems from my hard drive onto there.

(Please donate to them.)

WAH²: Mouse on Mars, Oval, Microstoria in Japan

Late 90s TV documentary about three musicians from Germany having fun in Tokyo. (source)

Don Cato: Die Rückkehr des Luchses

2002 edutainment game, paid for by Germany's Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. Designed to sensitize children about preservation of nature and lynxes in general. (source, site at BMU)