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L'archive extraordinaire, also known as “shit I have saved from other sites.”

Never Gonna Give GNU Up [DL: 2.0M mp3]

It is my most estimable pleasure to bring two of the greatest Richards of all time, each of whose contribution to society is only matched by the other’s, together at last.

Mashup of Rick Astley's cult classic with the Free Software Song.

Mentioned on this broken site, I rescued it from the eternal depths of the Wayback Machine.

Keywords: Rick Astley, Richard Stallman, Never Gonna Give You Up, GNU, Free Software Song

Y2K Nutella Screensaver [DL: 1.5M zip]

This adorable screensaver came on a Mini CD that had been lying around my parents' office. I've known it ever since I can remember.

As an early 2000s PR gadget (and presumably only available in Germany), this wasn't easy to find on the net. I eventually managed to dig up a copy on a lighttpd index page.

Note: this is actually a bad screensaver as it does not prevent screen burn-in. Heheheheheheh.

Keywords: Nutella, Bildschirmschoner, Screensaver, Windows 98, 2000, 2001, Flash