I am Martin. That thing you're looking at is my personal website. I use it as a creative garbage dump for ideas, thoughts, observations, and so on.

✈ onboarding ✈

There is no sitemap. Just click on things that look interesting.

In case you get lost, the breadcrumb menu at the top of the page offers a way out.

à la carte

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origin story

I have been sporadically creating personal and non-personal websites since 2006, when I asked dad if we could learn how to make web sites at community college. The other participants sometimes asked him why we felt like dragging his kid to an HTML workshop.

Even though the course was quite outdated and bad (even for 2006 standards — think <FONT> and <FRAMESET>, ugh!), it resonated with me and I started making web pages on my own.

this site

Since 2018, I have — once again — a personal home page. More on that here.