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The Trinitron on Film and TV

(last update: 3 september 2022)

I like the Trinitron a lot. This page is dedicated to its appearances on film and television, that is: the ones I know of.


Bullet Train

(No frame grab available yet.)

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

[01:32:43] Raoul Duke is hallucinating disturbing footage during a manic trip in a cushy hotel suite.

Fireworks (Hana-Bi)

[00:52:46] Miyuki is folding clothes and doesn't look happy.

Lady Vengeance

[00:43:02] Lee Geum-ja is visiting her daughter in Australia and looks happy.


Breaking Bad

[00:12:29] Pilot Episode: Hank is watching himself talk on TV about his spectacular police work and the “outstanding professionalism” of his “fellow agents at the Albuquerque district office.”

Twin Peaks: The Return

[00:35:47] 3x02: Mr. C is intriguingly washing his hands.

music videos

Purple Disco Machine - Dopamine (feat. Eyelar)

[00:00:38] Strangely, this frame seems to have been flipped horizontally. However, the Trinitron branding is clearly recognizable. The monitor looks like a PVM-9040ME. Fun fact: this model has been released in 1998 while the video claims to be set in 1982. Amateurs!

Simple Minds - Don't You (Forget About Me)

[00:02:01] Scenes from “The Breakfast Club.”

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You

[00:01:59] Looking at the charts while assembling a toy plane.