computer mischief

I like computers! They are flexible tools to help people learn, organize and create. For a decade or two, their operating systems used to be very practical as well. Lately, this hasn't been the case.


shaker 2023
Visualizer for Winamp that jiggles your desktop windows, on-beat.
jitter.exe 2022
Lightweight mouse wiggler for Windows.
libmoor 2021-now
C99 library and front-end tools for dealing with Moorhuhn game files.
scripts 2018-now
Various utilities to enhance my UNIX® environment.
feinschmecker 2019-2020
TUHH canteen menu via Telegram.
hvv 2018-2019
Command-line client for Hamburg's public transport.

websites 2020-now, german
Reminding people of Max Goldt's ancient wisdom.