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Today is the first enjoyable day of the year. This morning, I stepped out of a university building and got submerged in a warm, humid layer of air.

I looked at the thermometer – 26° C. That’s not much! I am so not used to it anymore. Feels like the sun is burning my skin.

A classmate invited me to a barbecue at 7 PM. Sticking a fork into an undercooked potato, sitting on a balcony and looking at concrete blocks is the ultimate act of complacency.

19:00 (running late)

I stopped by the supermarket to get a watermelon. Having picked a fine one, I decided to make a detour towards the cooling shelf. In an instant, my eyes were drawn to the delicious premade sandwiches.

The self-talk kicked in: “You can’t be serious. There will be a barbecue in a few minutes! Have some decency!”

I walked away from the shelf.

“No, I am an adult! I am allowed to make stupid decisions!

“Fine then.”

I returned to the self and took out a sandwich. Then I went to the checkout. A remarkably heterosexual couple in their 50s waited in the line in front of me.

When I was placing the items on my belt, the man looked at the sandwich and mumbled something incomprehensive in his wife’s general direction. I was intrigued and issued an unmistakeable Huh!? towards him.

“Oh, it’s nothing,” he said, “I was just saying to my wife: ‘Look at the youth. Too lazy to butter their own bread!’”

“You need to be unreasonable from time to time”, I explained to him.

“Yeah”, the man said and pointed to his wife. “She did the same.”

That seemed like a healthy relationship.

Anyway, the sandwich was delicious.