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T400 comments

I recently went to Egypt. I did not take the expensive notebook with me, but instead opted for my old and reliable T400. It had been manufactured before Lenovo decided to ditch the IBM-esque look of the iconic series, which is why the model looks way more dated than it actually is.

The security personnel at the airport decided to analyse it for traces of explosives. Luckily, I did not carry any explosives with me.

Back in Germany, I did not have the time to change laptops, so I brought the T400 to university. That yielded some comedic value; here is what people said about it.

(regarding the side)

(regarding the lid)

(regarding the 4GB of memory)

(regarding the keyboard)

(regarding ThinkLight, in a well-lit room)

Furthermore, it is a lot more fun to use a Linux desktop on this old device than on the newer T470p, which has a HiDPI display that is hardly compatible with any piece of software or desktop environment I would like to run. Sigh.