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RLP trip


Last week, I grabbed a friend and we drove all the way down from Hamburg to a small village in Rhineland-Palatinate where we stayed at David's haunted welcoming place for a week. That included watching daily soaps made for adolescents (ironically), making some music (unsuccessfully), and going to the woods (peacefully).

On one night, we talked and drank for so long that the sun had already gotten up before we went to bed.

Sleep-deprived yet restless at 10 am, it seemed like a good idea to us to go grocery shopping.

After driving to the nearest supermarket located in another village, I could hardly stand upright any longer. Regardless, we eventually entered the building.

You know these huge, buzzing cooling shelves? This supermarket had lots of them, and to my half-asleep mind they sounded as if they emitted soothing ambient soundscapes, yet every time I tried to focus, it went away. That was fascinating.


Besides some groceries, I have also bought a ton of sauerkraut, because the whole trip has been accompanied by an aching stomach. Maybe the constant smoking and drinking has not been as beneficial as I had hoped. Back at the lodge, I chug-a-lugged two ice-cold bags of sauerkraut on an empty stomach.

Not recommended.

Hiking turns every annoying visit into quality time, so we thought that could be a good idea.

I have found out that Rhineland-Palatinate is a beautiful state under the right circumstances (that is: summer), and better than the philistine Scandinavia copycat that is Northern Germany.

Don't believe the pictures of beautiful coastlines when searching for images. While these aren't made up, there is more to Northern Germany than coasts. Try to think of Fleestedt city centre instead, and imagine every village or town looking like this. It's not the reality you want, but the reality you deserve.

Stress is their best one, but D.A.N.C.E. is also ok.

After wandering around in the forest for a while, we came across huge agricultural fields and then there was this giant neon-lit Latin cross in the middle of nowhere. Funky, and a little disturbing.

The trip ended with two of us having caught an angina of the salpingopalatine fold. I carried mine all the way to Ibiza. Like a pet.