My Taipei Quarantine.

Now I was locked in a room with nothing to do except order from Taipei's extensive delivery network. Soon mopeds from every quarter of the city were converging on the Santos Hotel, and the poor chair outside my door groaned under a pyramid of dinners.


ObjFW is a portable and lightweight framework for Objective-C.

It also supports obscure platforms such as AmigaOS, Haiku, the PSP and Windows.


Dishwasher salmon.

An advantage of the method is that the prepared dish does not smell. There is nothing preventing one from washing the dishes at the same time, provided that the package is tight enough.


Ein Interview mit Dieter Meier und Boris Blank.

Vor Jahren besuchte uns eine Journalistin vom Frauenmagazin ‹Elle›. Zuerst hat die Frau mich interviewt, danach Dieter. Wenig später kamen zwei Kinder von Dieter von der Schule nach Hause. Irgendwann fragt die Journalistin Dieter: ‹Sind das Ihre Kinder, Herr Meier?› ‹Will ich doch hoffen›, antwortete Dieter.


Firefox is getting a new look on June 1.

I do not mind the redesign (apart from the atrocious tabs made by people who apparently do not understand the concept of a tab), but there is something else that bothers me.

Mozilla had already implemented a major redesign in 2017. Have desktop applications really changed that much since then? No, they have not. This is unnecessary.

Update (2021-07-20): It's been almost two months and I still haven't gotten used to the new tabs. I doubt I ever will.


Doom as a tool for system administration.

"I am proposing a new mapping for managing system loads. As mentioned above, people frequently talk about "blowing processes away", and the Unix command to destroy a process is "kill". This suggests a metaphor for process management. Each process can be a monster, and the machines can be represented by a series of rooms."


For some reason, YouTube has recently begun to recommend me Dark Academia mixes made by user "oliviaalee." It doesn't feel new and exciting, apart from the hype train, but the video titles are hilarious:

Basically, every dark gifted kid movie ever.

Comparing the trend with cottagecore, Vox reporter Rebecca Jennings notes that "the simple act of putting on a blazer and reading Dostoevsky is far more doable."

Because of course it is.